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Monday, December 29, 2008

Young Writer's Project

The Green Mountain Book Award (GMBA) is once again partnering with the Young Writer’s Project (YWP). For this partnership to be a success we need your help. Teachers, librarians and parents: encourage your students to get involved!

The Young Writers Project (www.youngwritersproject.org) is an interactive website (wiki) where “writers share ideas, comment on each other’s work, learn from mentors and professionals and connect with the world”. Click on their “about us” link to learn all about this amazing website for teens who love to write, want to discuss their work and to learn more about the writing process.

Geoff Gevalt of YWP has put our 2008-2009 GMBA list front and center on their website. Just head to: youngwritersproject.org/GMBA

From there you can access the GMBA forum and link to additional resources about Vermont’s teen book award. The forum offers reviews of the titles and encourages students to comment on the 2008-2009 list. Be sure to remind students who have read 3 nominated titles to vote for their favorite in the spring of 2009.

Once you’re there, check out all that the Young Writers Project has to offer. It’s a great website with many exciting writing opportunities.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

December Movies

Want to see these two guys on skates?

December 30th at 1pm


These ladies in traveling pants again?

January 2nd at 1pm

See you then!

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Attention Twilight Fans!

Have you read Twilight (or are waiting for the book) and are wondering what to read next?

Here's a great list from the Abby the Librarian blog of books that Twilight fans would like:

"LJ Smith's Vampire Diaries series, a favorite of mine when I was in high school, was re-released in two volumes last year with new cover art and new packaging. Check out The Awakening and The Struggle and The Fury and Dark Reunion. The story of a beautiful girl torn between two vampire brothers will satisfy those who enjoyed the love triangle in Twilight.

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause features a teen werewolf Vivian and her longing for the (human) hunky heartthrob Aiden. Can she curb her wild nature to be with a human boy? And what about the rest of her pack?

Meg Cabot's Mediator series star a girl with a peculiar talent - Suze can communicate with people who are not so much with the living. She works as a "mediator" to put the dead to rest. When her mother moves from from New York to California, Suze finds that her bedroom in the new house is haunted... and the ghost guy is, well, kinda cute... Great for Twilighters who like a little mystery.

In Evernight by Claudia Mills, Bianca is sent to Evernight Academy, an odd school where the students seem strangely perfect. She doesn't fit in and she's drawn to fellow outsider Jared. Is their connection strong enough to defeat the forces that would drag them apart?

Demon in My View is the story of Jessica, a high schooler who pens vampire novels under a pseudonym. When one of the characters from her novel shows up at her school, she's not sure what his intentions are. She gets tantalizingly close to him as she tries to determine the truth behind his existence.

And this last one was suggested by Ellen Anne over at Alternative Teen Services. The short story collection Prom Nights from Hell includes a short story by Stephenie Meyer as well as stories by some of the most prominent YA authors out there. Each story deals with a very special night in a teen's life - Prom - but these stories are about the darker side of Prom. A bonus for this collection is that Twilighters may be pulled in by the lure of a story by Stephenie Meyer and then discover some new favorites authors! (Thanks to Jackie for the link!)"

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