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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Links for Teen Read Week

Here are a few links from the American Library Association related to the Get Real theme for Teen Read Week:
"Teen Consumer Scrapbook - Sponsored by the Washington State Attorney General's Office and written by teens, this consumer guide addresses topics especially of interest to teens -- modeling scams, CD clubs, piercing, sports drinks, tanning, driving laws, scholarship scams, and a host of other relevant concerns and issues.
dMarie Time Capsule - Create your own online time capsule. Enter a date, pick from the top headlines and famous people born, top hits, top TV shows, hot new toys released, and top books released. When you are finished, print out the page. It includes extra info like who was president and the prices for bread, gas, stamps, and the minimum wage.
The Merchants of Cool - The website of the Frontline program on the relationship between marketing professionals -- the creators and sellers of popular culture -- and the teenage market, the hottest demographic in America. The program poses the question of which comes first - the attitude or the desire for the attitude? Teens drive the economy, but are teens really driving their own interests?"