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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tool for Series Readers

Do you ever discover a great book that's part of a series, but when you look inside the cover for a list of the rest of the titles, they're all in the wrong order? Why do publishers do that? It remains a mystery to me, but there is a nice website that can help. It's called the "Four Part Trilogy," and it's maintained by a bookstore in Australia. If you look up an author or series name, you will find the whole list in correct order: http://www.gaslightbooks.com.au/4part/mastdex.htm

It's interesting to see what's in there: not just classic spaceship science fiction and not just dragons. Anything with a slightly surreal edge is likely to be included. Also check out their "Themes" lists for ideas on new authors to try.

--from Jeanne in Reference