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Monday, October 10, 2005

Brattleboro Literary Festival--authors wanted

The fourth annual Brattleboro Literary Festival ended this weekend. Although the rain poured at almost biblical proportions, attendees filled to capacity all events and venues. The censorship panel on Saturday--not your typical literary event--had to turn away people as those who got there early were able to find seats.

Although the festival was somewhat light on YA authors, Fantasy writer and YA friendly author Gregory Maguire got the weekend off to a rousing beginning on Friday evening. Speaking to a packed audience in The Church, on Main and Grove St., Maguire transfixed the eager crowd with an incredible reading and commentary on his 1995 book, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, and his new one, Son of a Witch. Maguire talked of his life, his enamoration with the Wizard of Oz; his philosophy of toward reading and writing; and even spoke passionately about the current political situation of the Iraq War and the Abugraib issues.

Laban Carick Hill, a bona-fide YA author and National Book Award finalist, provided a multi-media presentation at the Brooks Library using a DVD, which he created to present his book, Harlem Stomp: A Cultural History of the Harlem Renaissance. A colorful celebration and exuberant history of the Harlem Renaissance.

As we plan for next year, your author recommendations will be welcome, especially those who write for teen audiences. Please send an email to Brattleboro Literary Festival