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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Archer Mayor - A Local Author

A note from Sara –

Last night I was chatting with Archer Mayor as he signed a copy of his NEW book. Archer Mayor is not a young adult author but he is a local author and if you like a good mystery you might want to try one of his books. Many of them take place right here in Brattleboro! I asked Mr. Mayor if he could recommend any of his books in particular for teen readers. He flipped open the book jacket to look through all the titles he’s written and we debated our favorites. Some of the books focus on particular issues or particular places. In the end Mr. Mayor said that it would be good to read them in order if you were planning to read them all. If you just want to try one of them check out the Brooks catalog or Archer Mayor’s website to find out more, and then look for his books on the back wall of the library in the Mystery Section.