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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Does it bite?

What's up with these strange caution signs at the library? Is the carpet going to reach out and grab you? Have small children been known to disappear in the depths of its folds? Will it suck you into an alternative universe? Is it REALLY SAFE to come into the library? Are you man or woman enough to take the challenge?????????????

Well, nothing quite that interesting. We just have a buckling carpet problem with the humidity. Take a look around at the carpet next time you're in the library. If it is a humid day you will see the problem right off. But if it's not, you'll join the legion of puzzled patrons asking "What's up with the carpet?"

Just another sign of the dog days of summer ....

*** At the end of this week a book will DISAPPEAR off the island. Make sure you cast your vote this week. You can vote HERE.