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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Kira's Links

A TAB member has suggested a few links.
deviantart.com “…this is a good website for posting your artwork/poetry/photographs/stories/anything and people will comment on it. It's one of my favorite websites and I even have my own account there. The accounts are free (you just need an e-mail) unless you want to subscribe.”
narutochuushin.com “…this is a good website for any Naruto fans...naruto is one of my favorite anime/mangas. they have over 270 chapters of the manga online and available for viewing, and downloading if necessary.”
fanfiction.net “…this is a website where you can post any stories you've made using already existing characters and even live people. Other people will view and comment upon the story...be warned: not all stories are nice.”
Does anybody else want to share some favorite web sites?????