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Friday, November 25, 2005

Teen Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Read the Teen Advisory Board November 15th meeting minutes to find out about the latest in TAB news!

Present: Maya, Kira, John, Sara, Julianne

1. Cookie Thursday:
Sara explained the idea of having cookies available on Thursdays for teen patrons perhaps every other week with a TAB member to help supervise. Kira volunteered to help get this program started.
Starting date: Thursday, December 1.

2. Logo Contest:
Deadline for submissions is December 22, 2005. Julianne explained that we had not received any submissions yet and that the TAB should “talk it up” and distribute contest forms to friends. TAB members took extra contest forms to distribute.

3. Teen Blog:
Sara brought a laptop in order to display the Teen Brooks blog and encouraged TAB members to post comments. If TAB members are interested in posting on the blog, they should contact sara at sara@brooks.lib.vt.us. Postings could include book reviews or recommendations, website suggestions, local news and events for teens, etc.

4. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants—Pizza and Movie Night
Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30
Julianne encouraged all TAB members to attend and bring friends and family. TAB members will receive a flyer via e-mail that they can post in the community.

5. Knitting Group
Last year, the TAB expressed interest in starting a knitting circle. Maya agreed that the TAB could host an intergenerational knitting circle in the Teen Space on a monthly basis; she believed that a weeknight might yield the best turnout.

The knitting circle will begin after the holidays in January and will be promoted as an opportunity for knitters to bring their projects, consult library resources, and receive guidance from more experienced knitters in attendance.

Julianne will begin to look for more experienced knitters among staff and other library patrons who can attend. She will also look into obtaining inexpensive supplies to have on hand for any new knitters who come without a project.

6. Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition Mini-Grants
The BAPC has put out a request for mini-grant applications of $500-$2500. If any TAB member is interested in hosting another book discussion group similar to the God of Beer discussions or has another idea about a film or speaker, please let Julianne know.

7. Community Service Project Ideas
Sara explained an opportunity for the TAB to become involved in donating books to libraries in need. The TAB liked this idea and thought it could serve as an ongoing project this year. Sara will assist the TAB in organizing this effort beginning in December.

8. Mangafest—Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2006, 12-6pm in the Meeting Room.
The TAB will be hosting this drop-in event for teens during Winter Carnival Week in February.
- Volume one of a number of popular manga series will be available for visitors to read and review; the library will purchase the full series of the most popular title.
- An anime film will be shown.
- Local teens will exhibit techniques for manga illustrations.
- A manga illustration competition will be held.
- “Translation Challenge”: participants will have the opportunity to review copies of manga in their original Japanese and attempt to translate segments to English based on the illustrations.
- Japanese trivia contest: John will work on a series of questions related to Japanese culture.
Other ideas: Japanese food? Sushi rolling?

Kira and John reviewed and recommended some titles for the library to purchase in preparation for this event; Julianne and Kira will attend the next BUHS Anime Club meeting after Thanksgiving to get its members involved in this event.

Kira and John are also interested in putting together a library display relating to Japan. Sara can help coordinate this on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons in December, and we can organize it together during our next TAB meeting:

NEXT TAB MEETING: Tuesday, December 6th, 5:30 in the Teen Space.