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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The March Reading Challenge begins

March 13th is the first day of the annual Windham County Reads March Reading Challenge. Do you have your contract ready? You should have gotten one at school. Ask an English teacher or a librarian for a copy if you don’t have one. Or check out the Teen Room at Brooks. We have copies in a box on the low table. You can also pick up a bookmark there. You’ll need one.

How much reading do you have to do to qualify for some really great prizes? It’s up to you. Think about how much you usually read, how much you can read, and set a realistic goal for yourself. Then start the week with something you really enjoy!

You may be thinking to yourself that you read anyway and why should you bother with this. Sure some of the prizes sound good, but do you even have a chance at winning? You never know… so why not? But more importantly for teens and adults is the idea of commitment and follow-through. Is it harder to do the reading or is it harder to remember to record your minutes each day? If you think recording the minutes is the harder thing to do, then the Reading Challenge can also be a good opportunity to develop some self-discipline and the ability to follow through consistently. So do your reading and record those minutes—not just for the reading and the prizes, but also just to challenge yourself to meet a goal. Stay tuned for daily messages here on the blog!