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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I draw all the time.

I draw cartoons of my mother and father; my sister and grandmother; my best friend Rowdy; and everybody else on the rez.

I draw because words are too unpredictable.

I draw because words are too limited.

If you speak and write in English, or Spanish, or Chinese, or any other language, then only a certain percentage of human beings will get your meaning.

But when you draw a picture, everybody can understand it.

Between Two Worlds:

Sherman Alexie

Long time adult writer, Sherman Alexie, ventured into the Young Adult fiction realm with his newest book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian. This novel won the prestigious National Book Award in 2007.

The book is a modern day ‘wrong-side of the tracks’ story of Arnold Spirit, aka Junior, who lives on a Spokane Indian reservation in Washington State. The first person voice explores the poverty, racism, and violence that a young Indian must struggle with in order to find a larger hope.

A bright kid, filled with artistic ability, Arnold Spirit, the son of an alcoholic and a suffering mom, decides to take a chance, get off the "rez" and attend a white private school in Rearden, Washington (just like Alexie himself did).

The book is a fast read, hard to put down, and full of the drawings made by Junior.

To hear an audio excerpt from the book: